The  second book in the Tabard Cain saga — THE SEER AND THE MADMAN — will be released on  November 10, 2014.

Seer and Madman 2

The Tabard Cain Saga Continues!

 Fresh from his troubling excursion in Silvida,Tabard Cain comes to the City of the Darkhorse in search of his old friend, Aric Isenfeld. Together, Tabard hopes to continue his quest for truth.

But troubles plague Aric. He’s fallen into debauchery. He owes a violent gambler sums of gold. And he’s pledged to help a strange woman kidnap her sister and steal a magic gem from a temple of a goddess.

Faced with a desperate friend, an untrustworthy woman, an unforgiving gambler, and the powers of an ancient religion, Tabard Cain must walk down a dangerous road … all the while pushing forward to his future.

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THE KINGLESS WARRIOR — ebook is now only 99 cents!

The second Tabard Cain novel — THE SEER AND THE MADMAN — will be released in a few weeks. This means that the digital version of the first Tabard Cain novel is now only 99 cents!


KinglessWarrior-eBook Cover

In a world of thievery and dark magic, one man seeks to learn the truth—of himself.

In Silvida, the most powerful city on the Ackpur Ocean, Tabard Cain seeks the truth of his past and a road to his future. But he finds himself caught between the intrigues of a shadowy thieving guild, the evil powers of a dark magician, and men who seek to overthrow the royal family and send the city into chaos. Forced to choose sides, Tabard must sneak into the royal palace and steal the legendary Mirror of Melyara—all with the hopes of saving the city … while unveiling the mysteries of his life, and finding a path to redemption.

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This Writing Week — 10/20/14

Last week turned out to be one of the crazy weeks with lots of interruptions. Some were good: I had a nice visit with a doctor about weight management and overall health. Some were annoying: I can’t image how getting the oil changed can ever be fun. Some were unexpected: I ended up having to run errands one day. And some were wonderful: my wife surprised me by taking Friday off, and we had a nice day together. But I didn’t get nearly as much finished as I hoped. Time to press on.

This week, I have two “life” events I need to tend to — a meeting at my kids’ school about the direction they want to take, and a No School Day on Friday. The meeting is in the afternoon, after my writing session, and the No School Day isn’t much of an issue (in terms of writing) since the kids will be spending most of the day with their grandparents.

What do I hope to achieve this week?

Three things:

1) I want to get a good start to the third Tabard Cain novel, THE CITY OF SPIDERS.

2) I want to finish the first proofread of the second Tabard Cain novel, THE SEER AND THE MADMAN.

3) I’d like to get another 3,000 words written on the nonfiction book I’m writing.

That’s pretty doable, I think.

Getting Ready To Start A New Novel

Seer and Madman 2So the editing of the second Tabard Cain novel, THE SEER AND THE MADMAN, is going well. I’m in the proofing stage, which means I’m having my MacBook read the book to me. This helps me catch tons of mistakes — such as when I type “choose” for “chose,” or “loose” for “lose.” Having the book read to me, even in a computer-voice, also helps me catch unwieldy sentences. I actually enjoy this process. Not only do I get to experience my book in a new way, I get a thrill with every mistake I fix. However, as fun as it is, I have no interest in spending my entire day editing.

So on Monday, I’m going to start the third Tabard Cain novel — THE CITY OF SPIDERS. And for this novel, I’ve decided to use a different app. I began writing in Microsoft Word, switched to Apple’s Pages when I bought my first MacBook, and then switched to Scrivener. I have a love/hate relationship with Scrivener. I love the binder system it uses, but hate almost everything else about it. There are too many bells and whistles. Too many things you can play with. Too many distractions.


So for this novel, I’ve decided to try out Ulysses III. It has everything I love about Scrivener — a “binder” system, a full-screen view, and the ability to tag your individual scenes and chapters — but without all the distractions that drive me nuts. To help me get used to the new software, I’ve bought David Hewson’s Writing a Novel with Ulysses IIII read Hewson’s book about Scrivener and learned a lot, and so far, I’m enjoying this new one, too. I’m pretty excited to start working with you Ulysses III, and I’m even more excited to start writing Tabard Cain III.

(Didn’t see the III connection until just now. That wasn’t planned.)

This Writing Week — 10/13/14

I like the idea of blogging on a regular basis … but somewhere between the thought, “I should blog more,” and the act of doing so, there’s a breakdown. So maybe I can ease into it by making myself blog every Monday and talk about the up-coming week.

In terms of life, this week has two out-of-the-ordinary events: a doctor’s appointment this morning, and getting the van’s oil changed on Wednesday. The doctor’s appointment is for a wellness program going on at my wife’s work. It means I need to lose about 20 pounds and cut a number of inches off my waist in order for us to save money on health insurance. I have a year to do this. And so, I get to meet with a doctor every three months to set goals short term goals. Some people would hate this program. I don’t. The program forced my wife to shed some weight and get in shape, and I’m sure it’ll do the same for me.

The oil change. What can one say about that? A necessary waste of money and time.

In terms of writing, this week is the read-through of THE SEER AND THE MADMAN. Last week, I spent all day Thursday and Friday going through the manuscript using Ken Rand’s The 10% Solution, spell-checking as I did this. This week, I’m sitting down with the book on my Kindle and will read it as a reader would, jotting down notes about problems I find — weird sentences or word choices, a lack of clarity, a lack of depth, inconsistency within the narrative. So, as I read my book, I’m going to do my best to read as a reader. This is one reason I’m reading on the Kindle and not on a printed out manuscript.

While I’m busy with that, I’ll also be taking notes for the next movement in the Tabard Cain Saga, which is called THE CITY OF SPIDERS. (In fact, I’m thinking about writing the next two movements in one sitting, but we’ll see about that.) It’s important for me to start preparing for the next book while reading this book so I can note promises I made to the reader and character details I need to remember.

Also, I’ve started writing a series of short, nonfiction books on Catholic theology (my background is in Catholic theology), which I’ll publish under a different name. I’ve already written about 3,000 words of the first book, and I hope to finish it by week’s end.